Thursday, March 28, 2013

Better Boxed Mac & Cheese

How many times have you made that boxed mac & cheese only to find that it just does not quite hit the spot. It tastes either bland or, well - like boxed mac & cheese.
I don't care if it is made by Kraft or if it is a store brand. They all taste like boxed mac & cheese. Then one day I came across an idea and gave it a try.
How to fix boxed Mac & Cheese so it tastes like the real thing:

Add two (2) pieces of American Cheese to the the recipe at the end, after all the butter and powdered cheese and milk has been mixed in. Just two pieces of Cheese per box is all it takes to fix the meal up so the only way your family knows it was boxed mac & cheese is from the little tiny noodles that comes in the mix.
That's right. It is now the creamy cheesey texture you have been looking for.

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